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Pump Tech Review

There has been some controversy about this product as the manufacturers do not label it as a NO (nitric oxide) product but they insist that it gets the same results and sometimes even better results that other NO products on the market. If we examine the ingredients of Pump Tech we can see why.

The ingredients listed in Pump Tech are firstly the proven ability of L-arginine hydrochloride and L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate (AAKG) for which you get 3.1 grams in every capsule. Most bodybuilders will agree that the most effective and well-proven effect of creatine is now well documented.

Pump Tech have added 1.75g of Tri-creatine malate to their product which adds to the muscle building foundation for an increase in strength and the increase in the pump. There are many bodybuilders who strongly believe that this product only works because of the creatine added.

The other ingredients in this product are L-citrulline and L-aspartic acid along with American ginseng extract and French Maritime Pine bark. However the argument from the manufacturers of this product is that the combination of AAKG with the creatine is the reason why this product works so well.

The product is expensive and on bodybuilding forums it has been said to be a product that works because of the creation and not the AAKG. There are some articles online that explain the addition of AAKG as being something which will not increase the muscle pump.

However bodybuilders out there who are convinced that Pump Tech represents a whole new era for any and all Nitric Oxide pump stimulators. The reason why they say this is because of the new combinations of a research-driven formulas specifically designed to boost Nitric Oxide levels.

This boost of nitric acid that you get when you take Power Tech is through an innovative way by stimulating four separate pathways for the increase in nitric acid. The advocates who use Power Tech say that this product is the best way to ensure the best NO pump stimulating technology.

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