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Animal Stak Review

The new Animal Stak has changed from the original Animal Stak that was launched over ten years ago. The hormone booster industry was just starting out and there was a fortune of study going into the viability of boosting testosterone production naturally.

It was first launched at a time when pro-hormones where not banned but since the banning of pro-hormones Animal Stack has changed to a "Natural Test Complex" using vitally important ingredients like Tribulus, longjack and the all-important Avena Sativa which has proven to increase the levels of free testosterone.

This is combined with GH (growth hormone) because of the Mucuna Pruriens which have many dopamine enhancing effects and increasing of libido substantially in both men and women. This addition will ensure that muscle growth is sustainable. The addition of the vasodilators in the Animal Stak is also something that very few other natural testosterone boosters have. Including addition of arginine Alph-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) it is able to increase the levels of nitric acid which dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow.

The addition of DHT blockers like saw palmetto is another reason why this product works well as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) slows down or completely prevents testosterone from converting to DHT which is responsible for the androgenic effect of testosterone like hair-loss etc.

It is with the addition of well thought out ingredients like Milk Thistle used for liver detoxification that makes this product so effective. The use of Animal Stak comes with a few side effects which should always be noted by the user and they include an increase in irritability and aggression as well as an increase in acne.

The positive side effects of using the Stak is an increase in libido and sexual drive. Human clinical trials that have been done on the Animal Stak clearly demonstrate that the total and free testosterone tested in subjects was more than doubled, which means this product works.

The manufacturers have improved on the formula which was always a complete anabolic hormone stack but have now added some innovative nutrients which increases its anti-aromatase effect together with an increase in GH. They say that these newly added restorative nutrients will optimize the internal anabolic environment to be the most efficient way to get the muscle gains you seek from hard training.

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