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Creatine Serum Review

The fact that creatine works is something that all bodybuilders will agree on and the proof of this has been conclusively proven in countless studies that have been done since its launch in the early 1990's. The problem of instability when using creatine in liquid is also something that has been studied.

The instability of creatine when mixed with liquid and the possibility of it turning into useless creatinine is something that researches have been trying to solve. They came up with creatine serum which is often mixed with Glucosamine in order to speed up recovery even more.

The manufacturers of this serum claim that it is absorbed immediately when in a serum form have however not been conclusively proven. It takes time for creatine to be correctly absorbed to your muscles and to make an effective difference to protein synthesis, whether you use the serum or the powder.

What we do know is that when creatine is stable and it gets absorbed correctly into the blood, without becoming unstable and converting to creatinine which is actually a toxin, the benefits are obvious. From giving extra energy during your workouts because of the extra ATP to an increase in strength and muscle size.

There are a few bodybuilders who have found very good results by using both the powder and the serum at the same time. The use of the Creatine ATP serum together with the creatine monohydrate is said to make a big difference to some bodybuilders.

It is best to try it out and see what works best for you if you do not have any budget constraints then trying both at the same time is also recommended. There are a number of choices that you can use when doing a combo of both the serum and the powder which is something that will come from trial and error.

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