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Cybergenics Review

Cybergenics is a great name brand name that has developed a lasting reputation since its launch. It is a quality product that is specifically designed for bodybuilding and fat-loss for both men and women. Although there are no clinical trials that have been done on this product it nevertheless continues to get good reviews.

In the range Cybergenics products that you can purchase online are a total of four different kits. These is firstly a very specific 60 Day Total Body Building System as well as a Phase 1 which is a Body-Sculpting and muscle gain program lasting 6 weeks.

The next product that can be purchased from Cybergenics is the Cybertrim Six Week Mega Weight Loss Program which is a product that could easily stand on its own as it incorporates a very useful combination of four highly effective supplements. The product comes with a very specific exercise and diet manual that comes with an audio tape and includes calipers and charts that help you to keep track of body fat..

The last of the four different products that Cybergenics offer is the Quick Trim 14 Day Weight Loss System which is specifically designed to help any user of the product to build muscle and burn fat by speeding up metabolism and increasing energy levels generally..

If there is any disadvantage of this product it is the exclusion of active ingredients used in the products. However the care that has been taken in the issue of recommended diet and exercise as well as the ability to plot your own body-fat on a chart helps to off-set any lack of conclusive study to show how effective it really is..

Generally these four different products that you can get with Cybergenics seem to work as they advocate good exercise and good eating habits. However the lack of any clinical proof offered as well as the omission of the actual ingredients makes it a potentially good product that is placed in a very competitive weight-loss industry.

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