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Muscle Jack Review

Muscle Jack is a clinically proven formula that is completely natural to boost testosterone levels. It uses a number of highly effective natural ingredients like the Eurycoma Longifolia which is a plant found in Malaysia that has been used to increase sex drive in young and old for centuries.

Longifolia is just one of the ingredients in Muscle Jack as they also use Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris which has been clinically proven to increase the free and unbound testosterone in your body. This unbound testosterone is what your body uses when it needs to speed up protein synthesis after a tough workout.

The extensive clinical trials that have been done on studying the effectiveness of this combination have been able to show an increase the anabolic activity in the muscles of rats by over 20%. One of these studies even showed an increase in muscle mass of castrated rats.

All bodybuilders know very well that raising testosterone levels in the body will immediately enhance the uptake of any free floating amino acids straight into a hungry muscle so that it can stimulate protein synthesis and growth. Scientists show that even a modest increase in testosterone creates a positive nitrogen balance.

Muscle jack does more than that as it solves a problem that all bodybuilders deal with when taking any supplements and that is the andros-aromatization that is caused by taking any product that increases the amount of testosterone in your body.

Most of the androgenic effects of all testosterone boosters on the market will cause conversion of testosterone to the unwanted female hormone estrogen which is a major limitation. Muscle jack seems to have solved this problem with the addition of natural Cuspidatum.

Muscle jack is not just another andro as it has proven in countless clinical studies to boost testosterone levels and enhance anabolic muscle growth. It does all this while blocking any estrogen receptors and is completely natural so it cannot be included as a normal synthetic andro supplement.

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