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NO Infuse Review

Sports science and technology together with the health and fitness explosion has led to an enormous amount of money spent on the study of the body and what happens to it when you exercise. No (Nitric Oxide) infuse is a good example of how far science has come in the last 50 years.

In Pumping Iron there was a scene where Arnold was telling an opponent to drink liquor before competing because it increases vascularity. The logic for Arnold was a drunk competitor but science has invented a topical ointment that is muscle specific and it will work where you put it.

NO Infuse goes under the skin and starts to increase blood-flow which is exaggerated when training. The increase in blood flow increases the temperature which results in a faster removal of waste products like lactic acid. The result is that you can train harder than normal and you get a serious pump in the muscles where you put the ointment.

There continues to be a lot of criticism about this product with some bodybuilders explaining that the results are temporary. The product has never said that it will have a permanent effect and there are some studies that have been done that show it reduces inflammation and can be used effectively for arthritis to speed up healing of both bones and muscles.

The manufacturers suggest that the product should only be applied 15 to 20 minutes before the workout. Obviously one would need to experiment on how your own body reacts to the use of this and to try different body-parts. The resulting increase in blood-flow has a direct effect on the muscular endurance which will be increased when the ointment is added.

The simultaneous increase in speed of recovery after the workout is also an important issue for any bodybuilder. This ability to be able to specifically isolate the nutrients and the amount of blood that one selected body-part can get was a break-through for science.

The development of this topical ointment was started because sports science explained to us that the stomach is very inefficient at delivering specific nutrients to a muscle when it is trained to the max. NO or nitric oxide filled nutrients are now able to be pumped specifically where they are most needed.

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