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Ultramet Review

Ultramet was launched specifically for bodybuilders and athletes and can be used very effectively as a meal replacement when trying to lose fat. However it will probably be best used as a post workout shake which is low in calories and extremely high in all the required nutrients needed after a hard workout.

We know that the best time to give your body the nutrition it needs for effective muscle repair is when you have finished a hard workout and research tells us that this happens is a 60 to 90 minute window after an intense workout. When using Ultramet you will be giving yourself the best chance to get maximum gains.

It comes packed with over 42 grams of protein which it gets from Whey Protein Isolate as well as Milk Protein Isolate and a Whey Protein Concentrate like Egg Albumen. It also has 2 grams of good digestible fat and 1 gram of saturated fat which has 20 milligrams of cholesterol.

Besides the addition of a wide range of over 27 different vitamins and minerals it also will give you 350 mg Sodium and 280 mg of Potassium with a total of 24 g of carbohydrates. It will give you 1.5 grams of required dietary fiber and 3 grams of pure sugar.

As you can see the product is more designed as a post or pre-workout shake than a weight-loss meal replacement. The reason why it has been advocated as an effective meal replacement for weight-loss is because it is only 250 calories when used with skim milk or fruit juice.

Ultramet is a highly effective protein shake that will get good results whether used as a meal replacement for weight-loss or a post workout shake when trying to add muscle. It is probably best used for bodybuilders who are looking for an added benefit when training with a high intensity.

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